Managing Fertility to Realize your Dreams
Dr. Rolando Cepeda, MD, FRCSC

Hamilton Assisted Reproductive Technologies (HART) Fertility Centre has been in the forefront of reproductive care in the Hamilton- Niagara region for over 11 years. Our unique personalized approach distinguishes us from the rest.

HART is a growing fertility clinic with outstanding facilities and expertise. We strive to provide a safe, compassionate and accommodating environment.

Our mission has always been to assist infertile couples achieve their parenting dreams. Our expertise and vast resources enables us to offer the best and most effective fertility care available.

Dr. Cepeda is a specialist in reproductive endocrinology and infertility, he has advanced training in the field of fertility and its evaluation and treatment.

Dr. Cepeda and the HART fertility team are proud of the family that they have become and the countless families that they have touched along the way. The HART team is committed to provide personalized care, while providing local access to Advanced Reproductive Technologies. Dr. Cepeda's philosophy has always been to listen carefully and work closely with each patient to tailor a treatment plan that will lead to a successful outcome. We believe that the emotional stages of fertility care are equally important as the scientific aspects, and this is what we are here for to support you through each struggle and triumph.